F(r)iction #2

No. 2, summer 2015

Greetings, dear aquanaut! You’ve taken quite a dive to stumble across this deep-sea corner of the F(r)iction archive. Here, you’ll unearth a whole secret world beneath the waves of the magazine mainstream. Stay wide-eyed and aware—writing that would otherwise fall through the cracks of the establishment finds its way here to this treasure trove of genre and literary marvels. Our second issue bubbles with stories that surprise and unmoor, with characters both glowing and ruinous.

F(r)iction #2’s Debut Author Feature spotlights Marie-Helene Bertino and her NPR Best Book of 2014 2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas, a rhythmic work hearkening back to jazz at its finest and most unpredictable. In Justin Hocking’s creative nonfiction “The Dark Arts,” magic tricks return to mundanity and destructive grief, while in Josie Sigler’s “Friendship,” two girls reach across a language barrier to turn childhood into a country all of their own. In Eric Lundgren’s short story “Clarence Portis: From Minor Writers of the Midwestern States,” a Catholic school spelling bee becomes the showdown ground for race, class, and superhuman abilities. Genre bends and enmeshes in Sean Bishop’s astronomical poetry and Pascalle Lepas’ ghostly slice-of-life comic “Wilde Life.” With a Community Feature on Breath & Shadow, a quarterly online journal focusing on disability culture and literature, our luminescent summer issue is sure to enthrall.

So strap on your oxygen tank and secure your helmet, but don’t forget to come up for air. The tales you find will be sure to take your breath away.

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