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A Compendium of All Things Weird

Words By Andrew Jimenez

“This is the type of writing that needs to be published and is probably too truthful for commercial journals. Well done, brave editors, brave writers.”

The Review Review

Short Story 

The Pillars of Creation

Words By Walter Thompson, Art By Alyssa Menold
Short Story 

Not the Man He Used to Be

Words By Emma Burcart, Art By Mclelun Lee

Interview with JM Holmes

Words By Dani Hedlund
Contest Winners 

Broken Hart

Words By Emma Naismith, Art By Tomas Matous

F(r)iction stands out for the sheer kinetic energy of its illustration. Drawings spill across every other page in a way that might seem reckless were it not so good-looking.”

—Neon Magazine