Friction #17 Towers

F(r)iction #17: Memory

Our most cerebral and evocative issue yet—F(r)iction #17: Memory is out now!

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November Literary Horoscopes

Words By Alyssa Jordan, Art By Joana Coccarelli

“This is the type of writing that needs to be published and is probably too truthful for commercial journals. Well done, brave editors, brave writers.”

The Review Review


An Interview with Lev Grossman

Words By Lev Grossman, Interviewed by Dani Hedlund

Seven Adaptations That are Better Than the Book!

Words By Kaitlin Lounsberry
The Mermaid, The Witch, and The Sea

An Interview with Maggie Tokuda-Hall

Words By Maggie Tokuda-Hall, Interviewed by Dani Hedlund

F(r)iction stands out for the sheer kinetic energy of its illustration. Drawings spill across every other page in a way that might seem reckless were it not so good-looking.”

—Neon Magazine

Staff Picks 

November Staff Picks: Horror movies, Horror Podcasts, and Mortician Influencers!

Words By F(r)iction Staff
F(r)iction #17: Memory Cover

Our Current Issue

No. 17, winter 2020

The Memory Issue

PLEASE NOTE: Due to port congestion and lower capacity at customs as a result of COVID-19, the US stock of our current issue, F(r)iction #17, has been delayed. We have…

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Editor's Note 

Editor’s Note

Words By Dani Hedlund, Art By Samantha Dow

Memory: The Hollywood Adaptation

Words By Karen Brissette, Art By Samantha Dow
Short Story 

Smells of Home

Words By Claudia Mahler, Art By Ejiwa Ebenebe

Two Poems

Words By Emma Bolden, Art By Hailey Renee Brown