F(r)iction #18: Legacy

What echoes do our choices project into the world? What echoes buffet us from the past? This unruly issue reveals, with bone-cutting intimacy, what—for better or for worse—binds us to one another.

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Our Current Issue

No. 18, spring 2021

The Legacy Issue

When we say this issue digs deep, we mean to the marrow. These stories pluck at the spider silk of lineage and connection. They tease out the tensions between family…

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Editor's Note 

Editor’s Note

Words By Dani Hedlund, Art By Zach Meyer

Blanked from History

Words By Gerald (Gerry) Malone, Art By Bradley Clayton
Short Story 

In Silence

Words By Jason McCormick, Art By Carly A-F
Flash Fiction 


Words By Valerie San Filippo, Art By Bradley Clayton