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Staff Picks 

October Staff Picks (Intern Edition): Gay Country Musicians, Anime, and Y.A. Novels

Words By F(r)iction Staff

“This is the type of writing that needs to be published and is probably too truthful for commercial journals. Well done, brave editors, brave writers.”

The Review Review


An Interview With John Scalzi

Words By John Scalzi, Interviewed by Dani Hedlund
Dually Noted 

Undergrowth / Overgrowth

Words By eyh, Art By Hailey Renee

An Interview with Jeff VanderMeer

Words By Jeff VanderMeer, Interviewed by Dani Hedlund

F(r)iction stands out for the sheer kinetic energy of its illustration. Drawings spill across every other page in a way that might seem reckless were it not so good-looking.”

—Neon Magazine


October Literary Horoscopes

Words By Alyssa Jordan, Art By Joana Coccarelli
F(r)iction #16 Cover

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No. 16, summer 2020

The Monsters Issue

Our summer issue is brimming with monsters, both real and imagined. These creatures creep out from the darkness, when we least expect it, threatening the safety—but more importantly, the sanity—of a…

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Editor's Note 

Editor’s Note

Words By Dani Hedlund, Art By Samantha Dow

The Purpose of Monsters

Words By Dani Hedlund, Art By Samantha Dow
Short Story 

One Thousand Hands

Words By Rhiannon Snow, Art By Samantha Dow

Three Poems

Words By Ronda Broatch, Art By Hailey Brown