F(r)iction #1

No. 1, spring 2015

Imagine a band of scrappy weirdos whose itch for the odd could not be satisfied, who longed to read the highest caliber of both literary and genre fiction. Imagine a night sparking with possibility. Imagine a wild and absolutely untethered idea that—if it worked—just might transform from something harebrained into a work of astronomical brilliance…

There’s no way we could have known when we sent this first issue to the printers that our readership would ignite, that we’d be shimmering on Barnes & Noble newsstands, that our contests would attract thousands of participants. And, real talk—does F(r)iction have the most adorable baby photos or what? Our very first issue features an interview with Emily St. John Mandel and an excerpt of her exquisite, tenderly-human speculative fiction debut Station Eleven, as well as an excerpt of Noelle Stevenson’s award-winning, sharply subversive fantasy comic “Nimona.” With short fiction by Isaac Marion and poetry by Nicky Beer and the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, F(r)iction #1 burns at its core with the wild imaginings and bold candor that characterize our magazine to this day.

Dive into the stories that started it all—but remember to beware. Here there be dragons.

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