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The teams behind the #VisibleWomen hashtag and Brink’s critically-acclaimed anthology, F(r)iction, are joining forces to do more than just bring visibility to women and non-cis-men* working in comics. . . They’re creating a themed issue with an all-star team, specifically curated to spotlight #VisibleWomen doing what they do best: bring incredible stories to life.

“We’re grateful to the team at Brink Literacy Project for this opportunity to deliver on the promise of #VisibleWomen with concrete job opportunities. Here’s hoping that by setting this example, the F(r)iction partnership is the first of many…”            

Kelly Sue DeConnick, Founder of #VisibleWomen

“Because of the trailblazing work of #VisibleWomen, I’ve never struggled to find incredible creators to illustrate our pages. It’s an honor to take this mission a step further, partnering on a project that rips the industry curtains back and showcases the stellar talent working on the fringes.”

Dani Hedlund,  Founder of Brink Literacy Project

We are not just a visibility campaign. All selected artists will be mentored, published, and paid, creating direct hiring opportunities.

About the Unseen Issue:

In this special issue of F(r)iction, you’ll find an explosion of stories and art, shining a light on the unseen forces that control our world, including…

  • Over 20 original works, including comics, short stories, creative nonfiction, and poems exploring what it means to be invisible
  • Short comics pairing all-star comic writers with emerging #VisibleWomen artists to showcase their stellar talent
  • Full color, custom illustrations pulled from a team of solely #VisibleWomen creators 
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About #VisibleWomen

#VisibleWomen was started in 2016, out of frustration at the perception that there was a dearth of qualified women artists in the comic industry. In the years since, it has expanded to include writers, letterers, colorists, inkers, editors and other comic creatives. Our goal has always been to advance beyond visibility and to get these women work by providing the #VisibleWomen spreadsheet free-of-charge to any hiring professional in the publishing industry.

It is also vitally important that we use our platform to support related initiatives such as MariNaomi’s databases: Cartoonists of Color, Queer Cartoonists, and Disabled Cartoonists, as well other hashtag initiatives such as #DrawingWhileBlack and #VisibleNBs.

To learn more details about the #VisibleWomen event on March 29, click here.

About F(r)iction

F(r)iction was founded in 2015 to champion boundary-pushing literature and art from around the world. With a special focus on marginalized voices, F(r)iction pairs emerging and diverse talent with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you a fully illustrated collection of stories, creative nonfiction, poems, and comics to enchant and inspire.

Click here to learn more about F(r)iction!

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Join the Creative Team!

*Any creative from a marginalized gender comfortable working under the banner of #VisibleWomen is welcome. All you need to do to be considered for the project is add #Unseen into your #VisibleWomen post on March 29, 2021.  

Contact Us

Do you have questions about the #VisibleWomen and F(r)iction partnership or the upcoming Unseen issue?

  • For press: please email ebrill-holland[at]
  • To submit your art to be considered: please tag #unseen in your #VisibleWomen post on March 29
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