“Brothers and Sisters, Children of Lord God, Hear my words.” He liked killing with his hands. Jeramiah had a gun in his waistband, knife in his boot, and a choke-wire in his pocket. But when the time came for the Preacher-Man to meet his end, Jeramiah just wrapped his thick hands around that holy neck…

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Nick Farrant

Nick is a recent graduate from the Central Michigan University master’s program. Always a lover of the macabre, his work has also appeared in 1029 and Tenemos. When not writing or being driven slowly mad by his education, Nick enjoys pointless wandering. He has traveled to nearly every state in this weird little country and from Colorado to Louisiana, has yet to lose his wonder.

Brian Demers

Brian is a graduate of the Art Institute with a BA in Game Art and Design. Currently, he is a project manager for Electronic Arts. He prefers to work in ink.

First Featured In: No. 2, summer 2015

F(r)iction #2

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