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How We Decide on Themes

F(r)iction is a literary anthology carefully curated to evaluate an important cultural topic from vastly different perspectives. From historical origins to nonfiction essays to the wildest reaches of fiction, poetry, comics, and art, each issue inspires us to think differently. For the full low down on what we’re all about, please check out the journal’s About page.

This mission—to create a little friction in the mind of the reader, to inspire us to think differently—is precisely why we agonize over theme. We specifically seek topics with cultural and intellectual relevance to curate each issue around, guided by the wonderful material that our senior editors pitch up for publication. Then we draw together the best 20 or so stories, poems, essays, and comics that tackle the topic—seeking a wide range of perspectives, diversity of voice, and uniqueness of form—to create a little mental “friction” for our readers, hopefully inspiring them to question and reevaluate their thoughts about our world (or, at the very least, to become enchanted by something fresh and engaging!). 

Because, after all, isn’t that the point of great art and literature?

Theme is also a fantastic frame for our artwork, allowing us to develop the colour palette, graphic design, and look of each issue so that it is visually as engaging as the incredible content within.

To this end, we have created this page as a guide to our next few themes. So that it works as a helpful resource for any authors interested in submitting, or from whom we’ve solicited work, we will be sure to keep it updated with upcoming themes!

F(r)iction #19: Arcana

Date of Release: Spring 2022
Status: No longer accepting submissions

This issue will explore the mysterious world of Arcana. The stories locked for this issue range from the purely fantastical—cursed witch queens, tarot readers, and dark prophecies—to the oh-too-real: a desperate search for magic solutions in the face of illness, the blurred lines of religions, the tempting call of modern cults. And, of course, there’s everything in-between: haunted houses, stage magicians, domesticated devils…

But all these tales have one central thread in common: a hint of something simmering beyond the physical world, a tantalizing taste of power than transcends the laws of reality, something that can make us more…if only we’re willing to sacrifice to unlock these secrets.

This issue is nearly wrapped, with almost all content locked and the majority of the artwork finished or in progress. For the latest news about the issue, be sure to sign up to the F(r)iction newsletter.Though we can’t resist showing you a little sneak peek here too…

Arcana Interior Design

F(r)iction #20: Unseen

Date of Release: Summer 2022
Status: Accepting submissions

Our Spring 2022 Issue will explore what hides in the shadows. Stories already locked for this issue range from genre-soaked tales of ghosts, real-life imaginary friends, and old fashion invisibility guns. Moving into realism, stories explore what it’s like to live on the margins of society, to be someone who the rest of the society doesn’t wish to look at. These works explore race, cultural assimilation, homelessness, and sexism. From the partnership with Kelly Sue DeConnick and #VisibleWomen, to a focus on bringing in people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ +authors, and many other “unseen” creators, this issue will burst with perspectives that we don’t see enough in publishing.

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