Cooing at the Stripes

Let me make this clear: I didn’t want to kill that tiger. And I certainly didn’t want to kill him on stage. I loved him, but he was a dangerous old cat. White tigers always are—it’s a genetic thing. Their chromosomes are all out of line with each other and they don’t know what the hell…

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Daniel Ross

Daniel Ross is a music journalist and writer. He works online and has written nonfiction books for Classic FM, the world’s biggest classical music radio station. His work has appeared in national and international publications including The Fly, Rolling Stone, BBC Music, and The Quietus. He lives in Peckham, Southeast London.

Joshua Mowgli

Joshua Mowgli, a New York native stuck in Colorado, is a fine arts illustration major who is apprenticing at a tattoo studio in Broomfield, CO. He believes that books, coffee, and art are all that are needed in life. You can check out his art on Instagram or Facebook under the handle “jedi_mowgli”.

First Featured In: No. 2, summer 2015

F(r)iction #2

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