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Breath & Shadow is a quarterly journal of disability culture and literature. A project of AbilityMaine, Breath & Shadow is the only online literary journal with a focus on disability. It is also unique in being the sole cross-disability literature and culture magazine written and edited entirely by people with disabilities. While some literary journals may devote…

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Chris Kuell, Sean J. Mahoney, and Tasha Raella Chemel

Chris Kuell is a writer, editor, and advocate living in Connecticut. A former research chemist, he lost his sight as a result of diabetic retinopathy. He learned how to use a computer with speech output and turned his efforts to writing. His essays and stories have appeared in a number of literary and a few not-so-literary magazines, journals, and newsletters. He is the editor of Breath and Shadow, an online literary journal of disability culture and ideas.

Sean J. Mahoney lives with his wife, her parents, two Uglydolls, and three dogs in Santa Ana, California. He works in geophysics. He believes that punk rock miraculously survives, that Judas was a way better singer than Jesus, and that diatomaceous earth is a not-well-known-enough gardening marvel. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Meat for Tea, Breath and Shadow, Muddy River Review, Wordgathering, Denver Quarterly, Literary Orphans, SharkPack, and Amsterdam Quarterly, among others.

Tasha Raella Chemel is a poet and teacher. A recent graduate of Harvard’s Arts In Education Program, her work has appeared in Wordgathering, Rebelle Society, Barking Sycamores, and Elephant Journal. She has been blind since birth but has begun her transition into sightedness. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hugh Hartigan

Hugh Hartigan is the art director for Tethered by Letters. In addition to managing an incredible team of artists, he make his own contributions to F(r)iction. A native to Denver, CO, he received his BA in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a focus on painting and drawing. Before heading to TBL, he started his own company, HIM Clothing, where he makes neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares from scratch using his great-grandmother’s 1950s sewing machine. See his work at

First Featured In: No. 2, summer 2015

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