F(r)iction #3

No. 3, winter 2015

Ah, intrepid adventurer! You’ve discovered F(r)iction #3. If it’s strangeness you seek, you’ve stumbled upon the right issue. We’re home to the weirdest of genre and literary fiction from this and other worlds, with a healthy smattering of poetry, nonfiction, and comics for good measure. It’s taken all our wits and cunning to convince the world to take a chance on this unlikely amalgamation, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. There are no scrappier explorers than us.

Dizzying and dreamy, our Fall 2015 issue writhes with inky whims and dangers: twisting tales, boundaries crossed out and rewritten, words with minds of their own. Sci fi and familial drama collide in Scott O’Connor’s “Interstellar Space,” as a movie set designer tries to reconnect with a sister institutionalized for hearing voices and signals. In Helen Phillips’ flash fiction “In The World Where Everyone Must Pick How S/he Dies,” a mother hunts for an immortality loophole among warehouse shelves of pick-your-own-demise. For a thriller fairytale comic, look no further than Emily Carroll’s “His Face All Red,” in which a man is haunted by a creature wearing his perfect brother’s face. And where would we be without our Community Feature with the Veteran’s Writing Project or our Debut Author Feature spotlighting Ryan Gattis and his heartbreaking, meticulous novel All Involved?

So take up your flashlight, your lantern, your torch—it’s time to stay lost.

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