F(r)iction is a literary anthology carefully curated to evaluate an important cultural topic from vastly different perspectives. From historical origins and nonfiction essays to the wildest reaches of fiction, poetry, comics, and art, each issue inspires us to think differently.

F(r)iction is the imprint of the 501(c)(3) literacy and storytelling nonprofit Brink Literacy Project. At the heart of our mission, we use F(r)iction to achieve several of our nonprofit’s key goals: to mentor emerging writers, amplify diverse and underrepresented voices, encourage experimentation and genre-melding, and delve into themes that raise important social issues.

In promoting a diversity of storytelling, we publish trailblazing industry legends and new and underrepresented voices alike. Big name authors such as Charlie Jane Anders, Benjamin Percy, Lev Grossman, Stephen Graham Jones, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Faylita Hicks, Joyce Carol Oates, Jeff VanderMeer, and Kwame Dawes have graced our pages, to name but a mere handful!

But creating a beautiful book isn’t enough—we want to make sure these collections enchant readers who would not otherwise have access to such works. And so, since 2015, Brink has developed and taught education programs using F(r)iction as the primary teaching tool. With a focus on enhancing “literacy” both in terms of increasing reading/writing skills and fostering a love of literature within the community, these programs have expanded to include women’s prisons, homeless shelters, high schools, and university classrooms.

And that’s not all! With the readership for literary journals dwindling every day, we want to reinvigorate the entire reading experience. So, we commission custom full-color illustrations for every single piece published AND use specialty printing techniques on our covers (spot gloss, holographic foil, metallic sheen, you name it!), to create a visual experience that is as mesmerizing as the literature within.

F(r)iction Publishes…

At F(r)iction, we embrace the new, the weird, and the unconventional.

We believe that great publishing should push the boundaries of literary convention and advocate for new, emerging, and marginalized voices. Whether it’s traditional literary fiction, speculative fiction, or genre-bending sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, we look for short stories, flash fiction, poetry, essays, creative nonfiction, and short comics that move us to think in new ways and challenge our assumptions about the world. 

F(r)iction is published three times a year. Each issue is curated to delve into a theme, from Taboo, to Survival, to Identity, to Monsters. If you’re thinking about submitting, you can take a look at our Upcoming Themes or learn more about What We Look For. We also strongly recommend you pick up an issue from our store to get a feel for what we’re all about.

How You Can Read F(r)iction

You can buy print or digital versions of our back issues in our store (and for major F(r)iction connoisseurs, we also sell art prints of our gorgeous covers too!).

A one-year subscription gets you a 30% discount offthe cover price of the issues. A two-subscription gets you more than 40% off and our undying admiration.

All subscribers also get access to our online archive of back issues. This archive currently contains all published pieces from F(r)iction #11 onward. We are working our way through our back issues and will keep adding to this collection until it is complete!

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Work for Us

If you’ve ever met one of our wonderful F(r)iction staffers, you’ll quickly learn that almost every single one of them was once an intern in our remote Publishing Internship Program.

This competitive, part-time, 15-week program—run by our parent nonprofit organization, Brink Literacy Project—is designed to bridge the gap between learning about publishing and working in the industry. It is conducted entirely online, so applicants from anywhere in the world can participate as long as they have access to internet. Interns work through modules in editing, publishing, editorial writing, marketing, outreach, and production.

Please take a look the Brink Internship page for more information.

Public Resolutions on Diversity and Inclusion

Updated May 2021

We are always actively working to address issues of diversity and inclusion in our business practices. To this end, we recently adjusted our practices to include:

  • An invitation to all writers to optionally self-identify their background through Submittable
  • An anonymous self-identification survey for all artists and authors who are selected to publish work with us as well as all of our staffers
  • Increased diversity of the authors within our pages, including a strong focus on diverse big-name authors for our Pioneering Writers Feature
  • Increased financial accessibility to F(r)iction by reducing our submission fees—we cut them in half in September 2019, and we’re working to do more

We are also currently developing:

  • Increased financial assistance for interns on our program to enhance accessibility for those able to apply for and participate in this program
  • Data analysis of our self-identification data through our Submissions Management App

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