July 3rd on a thin strip of land in Arizona; I remember how I’d leaned in to kiss you on the right side of our bed. Your absence was heavy. Savage. But I felt your presence in the atmosphere so I traced back the covers. (You loved violence and science.) And as I re-awoke I wandered…

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Marah Herreid

Marah Herreid is a fifteen-year-old girl from Colorado. Within the past few years she’s been given the unique opportunity to pursue her childhood love of writing through the support of two of the best teachers and mentors anyone could ever ask for. They have taught her both to channel her thoughts and various facets of myself the world around her into story. Because writing fiction has always been both an outlet and form of exploration, Marah dreams of continuing to get her work out there and improving her writing in the years to come.

Dara Cochran

Dara Cochran is a multi-disciplined creative personality with backgrounds in both Illustration and Business Administration. A freelance illustrator and fine artist, Cochran loves the challenge of tackling new subject matter, working in a variety of traditional and digital media. Her skills as an artist are as diverse as her interests, and she enjoys every opportunity to combine media, creating an aesthetic unique to each piece. Dara currently lives and works in Colorado, splitting her time between the studio and the beautiful outdoors. See more of her artwork at

First Featured In: No. 2, summer 2015

F(r)iction #2

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