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A Long Look by Alex Canby Forty-three, Richard paints his first self-portrait. Wife and kids are gone for the weekend. Large mirror to his left, canvas to his right. Shoulders, neck, the shape of his head, and hairline look perfect. The face is blank and beige. His head hangs, face in hand. Warm tears, slick on…

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Alex Canby, Kathy Gustafsson, Joe Reinis, Mark Remington, Ben Sixsmith, and Bart Van Goethem

Alex Canby is a man who loves to write about himself in third person. He is a renaissance man of sorts who holds many passions close to his heart. He derives great pleasure from art and literature, travel and adventure. When he is not hard at work healing the sick with his miracle powers, he likes to hitchhike across the country with his faithful hound, Batman.

Kathy Gustafsson is an aspiring novelist and blogger writing about life and food. Kathy, husband and Dolly (her beloved dog) are CA natives now living in the South.

Although he has been writing since childhood, Joseph Reinis has also been growing as an editor for the last 11 years. After three years with Tethered by Letters, he has sharpened his skills and earned the trust and appreciation of many new and established writers. Starting as a junior editor, he has worked his way up to the position of Editing Director where he oversees TBL’s Free Editing Program along with many of the other resources TBL offers.

Mark Remington is a student of literature, the culinary arts, and women. Although he feels like he has a relatively good grasp on the two former, the latter continually eludes his understanding. He hopes, however, that if he can master story telling and the preparation of tiramisu, women too will yield to his desire to learn...at least, this is what his mother keeps telling him.

Ben Sixsmith is an English writer, living in Poland, and has been published by Visual Verse, 365Tomorrows, A Word in Your Ear and Hot Tub Astronaut. His website is http:// www.bsixsmith.wix.com/home. He is editing a book.

Bart Van Goethem is a father, copywriter, and drummer. In 2012 he self-published and sold out Life’s Too Short For Long Stories, a collection of micro-fiction. In 2014 his stories appeared in 15 different publications, online and in print. He lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Follow him @bartvangoethem.

Joshua Mowgli

Joshua Mowgli, a New York native stuck in Colorado, is a fine arts illustration major who is apprenticing at a tattoo studio in Broomfield, CO. Books, coffee, and art are all that are needed in life. You can check out his art on Instagram or Facebook under the handle ‘jedi mowgli’.

First Featured In: No. 1, spring 2015

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