Through the Ruins

Your guidebook’s tinted overlays Tidily restoreThis palace’s lost stories, as you gaze On its mosaic floor Long open to the sky, Brick walls waist-high. You stroll the royal avenue Half-paved with sand,Pocketing odd chunks, as tourists do, Until at last you stand Where, from an elbow of stone, A tree has grown. Of the temple…

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James McKee

James McKee and his wife live in New York City, where they each work as educators. After studying English & Philosophy at the University of Virginia, he held a number of jobs before spending over a decade as a teacher and administrator at a small progressive high school in Manhattan. He currently works as a private tutor and spends his free time, when not writing or reading, traveling less than he would like and brooding more than he can help.

Dara Cochran

Dara Cochran is a multi-disciplined creative personality with backgrounds in both Illustration and Business Administration. A freelance illustrator and fine artist, Cochran loves the challenge of tackling new subject matter, working in a variety of traditional and digital media. Her skills as an artist are as diverse as her interests, and she enjoys every opportunity to combine media, creating an aesthetic unique to each piece. Dara currently lives and works in Colorado, splitting her time between the studio and the beautiful outdoors

First Featured In: No. 1, spring 2015

F(r)iction #1

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