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It had been fifty-three minutes. As Paco’s phone vibrated, pamphlets and publications shuffled and scattered across the coffee table’s surface, breaking the silence that engulfed the room. All of the seats in the waiting room were empty with the exception of two across from him, filled by a middle-aged Jewish couple. All but slivers of the…

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Lorenza Ramirez

Languages and communication were integral to my upbringing. Though I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, I moved to Oaxaca, Mexico, the hometown of my father, to experience his culture firsthand. There, I became fluent in Spanish, and reaped the rewards of becoming bilingual. I returned to the United States with a new passion and sense of determination, and throughout middle and high school I studied Latin, French, and Italian. Before my senior year of high school, I won a grant and studied Italian in Florence. I’m determined to become fluent in all of the Romance languages by the time I turn 20. In the meantime, I’m a second-semester freshman at Tufts University, hoping to double major in International Relations and English. I’m also passionate about issues related to immigration as well as graphic design.

Hugh Hartigan

Hugh Hartigan is the art director for Tethered by Letters. In addition to managing an incredible team of artists, he make his own contributions to F(r)iction as well. A native to Denver, CO, he received his BA in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a focus in painting and drawing. Before heading to TBL, he started his own company, HIM Clothing, where he makes neckties, bow ties, and pocket squares from scratch using his great-grandmother’s 1950s sewing machine. 

First Featured In: No. 1, spring 2015

F(r)iction #1

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