Plum Crazy

I’m beautiful, I’m told. I am the blind woman biting off a piece of the sky to see if it tastes as blue as advertised. “Smile, Bev!” they order, their voices the same sound as the snapping shutters and fussy sequins against milky skin. “You’ve been working out! Those arms are hot!” My beauty is mercenary….

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Stuart Holladay

Stuart Holladay grew up on an island in the Chesapeake Bay. With no shortage of good books or nautical drama for inspiration, writing became a moral imperative. She attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and graduated with a degree in International Relations, followed by a stint at Georgetown University, where she earned a master’s in Sports Industry Management. Previously a marketing consultant in Los Angeles, she now focuses on writing short stories and young adult novels in her new home of Louisville, KY.

Dara Cochran

Dara Cochran is a multi-disciplined creative personality with backgrounds in both Illustration and Business Administration. A freelance illustrator and fine artist, Cochran loves the challenge of tackling new subject matter, working in a variety of traditional and digital media. Her skills as an artist are as diverse as her interests, and she enjoys every opportunity to combine media, creating an aesthetic unique to each piece. Dara currently lives and works in Colorado, splitting her time between the studio and the beautiful outdoors.

First Featured In: No. 1, spring 2015

F(r)iction #1

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