The Memory Issue

No. 17, winter 2020

PLEASE NOTE: Due to port congestion and lower capacity at customs as a result of COVID-19, the US stock of our current issue, F(r)iction #17, has been delayed. We have been told that we can expect stock to arrive by mid-December and we will fulfil all orders as soon as possible after we receive these shiny books! This only affects US orders so all international orders will be fulfilled as normal.

How do you measure memory? By its expanse? Its absence? Its hexadecimal shade?

The thing about magazine publishing is that when you yell about brain chemistry, the neurons and synapses of a whole community of writers yell back. So welcome to F(r)iction #17: lightbulb moments, faulty movie reels; reconstructing with bias and borrowed details; porous pockets, the frayed edges of film; soft animal bodies and how time passes through them.

Our most cerebral and evocative issue yet features deathbed reflections from Shaindel Beers, gravity-defying reminiscences from Stephen Graham Jones, field notes on living inside your body from Emma Bolden, lush memento mori from Laura Da’, and the breathless recollections of our community partner, Words Without Walls. Be sure not to miss Sid Quade’s graphic short story on the eldritch horror of never letting go, as well as an exclusive pop science feature breaking down the history of memory in media.

We’d say this issue is unforgettable, but we’ll let you be the judge of that one.

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