Memory: The Director’s Cut

Way back in the 1920s, cognitive psychologists sat us down and gently informed us that all of our memories were lies. Apparently our brains hadn’t been recording events so much as “reconstructing” likely scenarios in a pastiche of experiences, biases, and details borrowed from other memories, making us the unreliable narrators of our own stories.If…

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Karen Brissette

Karen Brissette is a book empath & readers' advisory queen. A bookseller, librarian, and book reviewer, she's been the #1 reviewer on Goodreads for years and has contributed additional booknerd writings over at NoveList, L.A. Review of Books, and Riffle. Her name and likeness can be found in slightly distorted form blogging through Paul Tremblay’s novel A Head Full of Ghosts, but her real blog is: Although she played the sax for ten years, she is terrible at tooting her own horn.

Samantha Dow

Samantha Dow is an artist, writer, and sailor of historic wooden schooners. Her work includes Elsewhere University, a collaborative storytelling project; Cornerwitches, a collection of short-form fantasy comics; and the ongoing webcomic GRANTED. For more art, writing, and advice for running off to sea, she can be found on Tumblr @charminglyantiquated.

First Featured In: No. 17, winter 2020

The Memory Issue

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