Smells of Home

Day 0. Cosmetic procedure. The words jump out at me with their bold-faced lettering. They’re printed at the top of the page, above the name of the doctor, and even above the date of the operation. They scream “vanity” to anyone passing by and I find myself cupping my hand over them as I work…

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Claudia Mahler

Claudia Mahler is a math and statistics instructor at the University of Calgary. She is originally from Idaho. She lives with her husband and cat and spends her free time blogging, drawing, and walking around the city. This is her first print publication.

Ejiwa Ebenebe

Ejiwa Ebenebe (called Edge by most) is a Nigerian-Canadian artist. Although she currently lives in Canada, she grew up in several places across the globe, which has given her a variety of experiences that deeply influence her approach to her creative work. Themes such as mystery and ornate opulence are an ongoing fascination (no doubt thanks to a steady diet of fairytales, mysteries, and horror stories in her childhood). She is also focused on adding to the representation of black LGBTQ+ women in the art world. To see more of her work, visit

First Featured In: No. 17, winter 2020

The Memory Issue

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