The Mourning Club

“What, are you nervous?” he asks.“Well,” I shrug. It feels like the dark is pulling my voice out of me, unwinding it like a thread from my chest: “Kind of, Noel. I’ve never done something like this before—”The shape of his hand presses warm into the small of my back. Not exactly comforting. Steadying. Holding…

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Lenk is a first-year Creative Writing MFA. He/him. Seattleite. Lover of oversized sweaters and occult paraphernalia. Occasional fire-spinner. All-the-time nerd. Out for great sex hair and better queer representation. Currently un-agented, he writes poetry, a broad range of fiction, and lyric/hybrid. His work has previously appeared in print and online, and he has received nominations for prizes such as Best New Poets, AWP, Pushcart, and Walter Dean Myers Award.

Ejiwa Ebenebe

Ejiwa Ebenebe (called Edge by most) is a Nigerian-Canadian artist. Although she currently lives in Canada, she grew up in several places across the globe, which has given her a variety of experiences that deeply influence her approach to her creative work. Themes such as mystery and ornate opulence are an ongoing fascination (no doubt thanks to a steady diet of fairytales, mysteries, and horror stories in her childhood). She is also focused on adding to the representation of black LGBTQ+ women in the art world. To see more of her work, visit

First Featured In: No. 17, winter 2020

The Memory Issue

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