The Circus Train

The summer before the occupation of Poland, my grandfather belonged to a circus that zigzagged up the country, from Krakow to Vilnius. He worked as a roustabout, pitching the canvas tent and rigging the aerial silks. His favorite thing about the gig, he said, was that the circus traveled by freight train. Sometimes, he’d have…

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Lauren Green

Lauren Green has published work in American Short Fiction, Glimmer Train, Epoch, Conjunctions, and elsewhere. She currently resides in Austin, Texas where she is pursuing her MFA at the Michener Center for Writers.

Noel Hill

Noel Hill is a Jersey-based digital artist. He has been drawing since he was four years old, and, even at that age, he knew that was what he wanted to do in the future. After graduating from high school, he promptly enrolled at The Kubert School, where he learned a great deal from his teachers and classmates over three years.

First Featured In: No. 17, winter 2020

The Memory Issue

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