The Shortest Opus

IA Moment in Eternity She jumped. She was here just a moment ago, looking beautiful and full of life. He squinted as he forced himself to look over the edge of the eighteen-storybuilding. She didn’t look beautiful anymore. Their relationship up until then had been a fairy tale. Talented Hollywoodscreenplay writers are paid very handsomely…

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Erik D'Souza

Erik D’Souza is a novelist, short story writer, and poet from Vancouver, Canada. His first novel, Straight Men in Gay Bars, has been called “a really f !*%ing good book.” With such glowing reviews, he is busy at work on his second novel. His poems have appeared in The Canadian Institute of Poetry’s Annual Anthology of Verse. Lazy Rants is a collection of his poetry and flash fiction that can be found at all respectable online retailers. He can be reached via twitter @ErikDSouzaReal.

Carly Lyn Heath

Carly Lyn Heath holds an MFA from Chapman University. She is the founding owner of Charming Films, LLC—a film production, illustration, and design company—and writer/director of the award-winning feature length film A Foundling, starring Cindy Chiu and Tim Chiou. She currently works as an art professor and illustrator and has recently completed a novel.

First Featured In: No. 3, winter 2015

F(r)iction #3

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