F(r)iction #4

No. 4, spring 2016

It’s F(r)iction’s first birthday! At one year old, F(r)iction is like the weird kid from across the street: always talking to birds, crawling catlike through other people’s shrubs, pedaling pell-mell down the block with a tricycle basket full of worms and dirt. That is to say, the most interesting—and certainly the most bizarre—creature in the neighborhood.

In celebration of this little magazine’s first rotation around the sun, we’re bringing you a flock of wonder and strangeness. Kit Reed’s short story “Stickyfeet™,” in which a coder faces her ornithophobia through peculiar masonry. Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum‘s poem “On the 100th Anniversary of Mary’s Death,” a vibrant, secret ritual of mourning beneath mundane shades of grief. Jonas McCluggage’s graphic short story “Follow the Leader,” in which swarms of feral orphans slip toothed and fae-like from the abandoned park at the center of town. And Garth Greenwell’s thoughts on time, queer literature, and prose’s surprising trapdoor, as well as an excerpt of his award-winning debut What Belongs to You. As always, these terrible, delicious tales come giftwrapped in F(r)iction’s signature full-color illustrations.

From growth spurts to glow ups, we’re celebrating potential—how far we’ve come and how far we hope to go.

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