F(r)iction #4

No. 4, spring 2016

Issue No. 4 features outstanding original work from Kit Reed, Ryan W. Bradley, and Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum—all of which is accompanied by incredible custom art. You’ll also find an interview with critically-acclaimed author Garth Greenwell and a selection from his debut novel, What Belongs to You. We are proud to include a gorgeous graphic short story in F(r)iction No. 4: “Follow the Leader” by Jonas McCluggage is radiant and riveting, well-crafted and masterfully apt. You can learn more about Jonas and view his art hereF(r)iction No. 4 also features a spread from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, which supports the voices of women whose stories may otherwise remain untold. The AWWP helps empower women through writing, cultivating skills that help make change in their communities and their own lives.

All proceeds support our nonprofit mission to change lives through the power of storytelling! For more information about our parent nonprofit, please visit BrinkLit.org.