A Force, The God, That Monster

1 The somewhat bizarre account set forth in the following few pages—about a man, as it happens, with no special virtues, yet who in the aftermath of an ischemic stroke became (and perhaps verifiably so) the happiest man on earth—cannot properly be called a fable because it is mostly true. Nevertheless, it will not be…

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A. Joachim Glage

A. Joachim Glage lives and writes in Los Angeles, where he is also sometimes an attorney. “A Force, the God, that Monster” is the third installment in a series of fictions Glage is writing on the subject of human happiness (and its unsuspected evils), the first two pieces from which have appeared in Driftwood Press and The Pennsylvania Literary Journal. Glage received his MA in English from the University of Virginia before completing his graduate work on aesthetic theory at the Literature Program at Duke University. He studied law at New York University Law School.

Carly Lyn Heath

Carly Lyn Heath holds an MFA from Chapman University. She is the founding owner of Charming Films, LLC—a film production, illustration, and design company—and writer/director of the award-winning feature length film A Foundling, starring Cindy Chiu and Tim Chiou. She currently works as an art professor and illustrator and has recently completed a novel.

First Featured In: No. 3, winter 2015

F(r)iction #3

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