The Great Brier Rose

My little monsters. What a handful they were, so cooped up on the base. No place to run free. But then the day came we let them out into the world. For Brier Rose there was no looking back. She charged headfirst at full speed. The sky wasn’t her limit, nor were the stars.I knew…

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Christine K Dillard

Christine Kimiko Dillard is a short story author and screenwriter. She is the co-author of the webisode series Marisa Rules and the Broad Humor award-winning feature-length script Inbred. Her short story, “Origin” was published in the Tethered By Letters Quarterly Journal in Fall 2014. When she is not writing, she enjoys painting and exploring the backcountry of the Sierras. She lives with her husband and dog in Orange County, California.

Carly Lyn Heath

Carly Lyn Heath holds an MFA from Chapman University. She is the founding owner of Charming Films, LLC—a film production, illustration, and design company—and writer/director of the award-winning feature length film A Foundling, starring Cindy Chiu and Tim Chiou. She currently works as an art professor and illustrator and has recently completed a novel.

First Featured In: No. 3, winter 2015

F(r)iction #3

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