The Luck Issue

No. 7, spring 2017

F(r)iction #7 vibes: Popped bubblegum. Upturned horseshoes. Two palms shaking dice. A heads-up penny. A half-bitten cherry. Stolen neon. Spades. Scratch off. The wink emoji. Gel pen. 

We won’t deny it—picking up this issue is a gamble, a game-show wheel of stories, nonfiction, and poetry. Cursed clock towers? School bus psychics? Angel organs? The only thing you can expect from F(r)iction #7 is the thrill of the unexpected. The heart of this magazine has always beat with the pulse of creativity and risk. After all, what some call “fiscally irresponsible nonsense” is our MO: breaking away from boring page designs and cliché themes, and taking a chance on stories that hum with literary friction. 

This issue features Debut Author Doree Shafrir and her pithy contemporary office novel, Startup. Also included are poems by both Maggie Smith and members of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, fiction by Steven Dunn, flash fiction by Kathy Fish, and an excerpt of Lily Higgs’ gorgeous fairytale webcomic, Hollow.

So, roll the dice! Rub your four-leaf clover for good measure. F(r)iction #7 may be a gamble, yes, but it’s one worth taking a chance on.

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