The Adventure Issue

No. 6, winter 2016

A word to the wise: some of these stories are chilling; some of them will bite. Some will make you gasp, your breath brisk and cloudy. Some will wake you days later with a shiver down your spine. Some, too, glow like coals; these are the stories to warm your hands over, to clutch close. The terrain beyond this page is slippery, glittering, and treacherous—but would you have your adventure any other way?

Our Fall 2016 issue features an interview with best-selling author Isaac Marion, along with an excerpt of Burning World, the sequel to his apocalyptic zombie romantic comedy Warm Bodies. The luminous poets of Girls Write Now share their dreams, rages, and joys in our community feature. With short fiction by Jason Mott, poetry by Amie Whittemore and Linda Pastan, and a devilish graphic short story by Erin Mehlos, we promise nothing but the most thrilling of escapades.

There’s a cavernous, crystalline world waiting for you below the ice. Let F(r)iction #6 be your guidebook.

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