Tuscany, 1948

It was a hot, dry June and Paul was already discussing what we would do for New Year’s. 1948 seemed to sneak up on us from out of the hills. Paul wanted to travel down to Vienna. I’d never been, but he had. We had lingered in Italy after the war had finished with us, just letting...
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Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee’s writing centers largely around memory, mental illness, and explorations of the mind. He often uses a mixture of drama, prose, spoken word poetry, and movement. His favorite place to write, think, and observe is the subway and his girls are the source of constant inspiration. Andrew was the winner of the Redeemer College Short Fiction Award (2016), the Toronto Fringe 24-hour Play Contest (2012) and he placed second in the Fringe New Play Contest (2014). His plays have been produced in Toronto and Hamilton. “Tuscany, 1948” is his first work to be published outside of Canada.

Catherine LaPointe Vollmer

Catherine is a New York-based freelance illustrator and designer, specializing in book cover design. She has a BFA in Illustration from Syracuse University, and is a member of the SCBWI. She prefers working on books for “young humans” because that is the age when she felt books made the most difference in her life, shaped her thoughts, and opened up whole new worlds. She wants to help make that kind of difference in someone else’s life. Illustration is the only thing she can imagine still wanting to work at when she is 30, 40, even 80 years old. She plans on never retiring.

First Featured In: No. 7, spring 2017

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