The Uprising Issue

No. 10, spring 2018

This issue is for the restless, the disenchanted, the indignant—those fueled by stamina and survival instincts, breathlessly transcendent with reckoning. As always, we’re bringing you our regularly scheduled weirdness: fatal grand piano expeditions, physics-shattering deep space cylinders, ball pits teeming with rats. But interwoven among these are subtler stories too, deceptive in their apparent mundanity. Whether far out or close to home, the tales of the Uprising Issue face the vulnerable and difficult parts of life head on.

F(r)iction #10’s Pioneering Writer Feature catches up with prolific, internationally-bestselling humorist Christopher Moore, combining interview, fieldnotes, and an excerpt of his novel-in-progress Midsummer. Our Debut Author, ghostwriter-turned-thriller-writer Aimee Molloy, talks plot and shop about The Perfect Mother and its film adaptation with Kerry Washington. For poetry, look no further than the lyricisms of Alasdair Gray, Erika Luckert, and Sheila O’Connor. For comics, clutch your scarf close for Jonas Goonface’s chilling “Snow Brigade.” We are also honored to posthumously publish Naira Kuzmich’s “Memory, Longhand,” an essay grappling with language and belonging, as well as to feature highlights from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, a collective fighting to tell their stories in a world that has denied them education and voice.

Heed these stories, with their chins jutted up. Cling to their resolve; let them lift you.

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