The Obsession Issue

No. 9, winter 2017

What a mesmerizing spell of stories we’ve cast for you today, dear reader. Sample irresistible tales of love, lust, and loneliness. Savor characters haunted by desire, feverish with power, and consumed by the question, what if? From Tinder dates to the alluring vertigo of the open window, we offer you an all-you-can-crave buffet of stories, soaked through with the sweet rot of obsession. These aren’t your average fairy tales—welcome, traveler, to a darker, headier neck of the woods.

In our Pioneering Writer Feature, author of Annihilation and “King of Weird Fiction” Jeff VanderMeer pulls back the curtain on his recent fixation: a novella-in-progress called The Book Murderer. Debut Author Tyrell Johnson spills all on The Wolves of Winter, his post-apocalyptic novel about secrets and the Yukon. Both the fabulist Kirsty Logan and illustrator Arthur Asa lure us into the deep forests of folklore with the short story “Sleep, You Black-Eyed Pig, Fall into a Deep Pit of Ghosts” and comic “Elf Queen,” respectively. From the magnetic works of Thom Young and Stuart Dybek to our Community Feature with Lambda Literary, there’s poetry for every fascination.

Tell us what you hunger for, dear reader. The Obsession Issue beckons.

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