Three Poems

suppose your father were a bird roosting on a telephone wire, between dirty tennis shoes knotted at the tongues. a bird, not a butterfly like the band-aid on the bite marks of industrial staples in bare baby feet, but a beady-eyed bird watching pretzel stick cigarettes plucked from a refurbished crayon box, breakfast pastries trailing…

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Jerico Lenk

Lover of oversized sweaters, Kodak disposables, and terrorizing traditional American masculinity, Lenk is an undergraduate studying Creative Writing, Western European and Russian History, and Classics. He is the recipient of the 2017 Bettye Newman Poetry Award and finalist in a number of other competitions. His work can be found in Obsidian 43.2 and USF Tampa’s Thread Literary Inquiry vols. 10 and 11. His debut novel, The Missing, a YA paranormal/ lgbtq+ with Month 9 Books, has been nominated for the Walter Dean Myers Award 2018 and requested by the ALA/GLBTRT Stonewall Youth Committee.

Arthur Asa

Arthur was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He studied graphic design and industrial design but decided to leave everything behind and become a construction worker. During this time he discovered all he ever wanted to do was draw and tell stories. He is now an illustrator by afternoon and a comic artist by night—sometimes both by night. He has a comic called Where the Heart Is that you can find online.

First Featured In: No. 10, spring 2018

The Uprising Issue

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