Humanity began in Africa,the southern of three continents aroundEarth’s biggest lake, still called The Middle Sea,for on its coasts more busy empires strovethan on the globe’s three other continentswhich thinking bipeds came to dominateby killing bigger brutes they cooked and ate. Our massive brain required such heavy food.Most creatures when their needs have been supplied,incline…

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Alasdair Gray

Born 1934, Gray graduated in design and mural painting from Glasgow School of Art, and since 1981 has written, designed, and illustrated seven novels, three short story collections, three political pamphlets, two verse books, a play, and The Book of Prefaces. A book about his art, A Life in Pictures, and a novel, Old Men in Love, were published in October 2007. Between 1967 and 1997 Alasdair Gray had eight stage plays performed in Scotland, and between 1968 and 1987 had twelve radio and six television plays broadcast by the BBC and Granada. Since 1981 his novels, short story books, and Book of Prefaces have been published in Britain and U.S.A., with the fictions translated into most European languages as well as Japanese.

First Featured In: No. 10, spring 2018

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