The Unseen Issue

No. 21, spring 2024

Our Unseen issue explores the stories that are hiding (or have been hidden) in the shadows. These pages burst with genre-soaked tales of ghosts, real-life imaginary friends, and old-fashioned invisibility guns. But you haven’t seen the half of it! Unseen also investigates what it’s like to live on (or be forced onto) the margins of society, to be someone who the culture might rather ignore. Our writers explore race, cultural assimilation, homelessness, sexism, and more.

And there’s something truly special about this issue’s contributors, too! Through our partnership with Kelly Sue DeConnick and #VisibleWomen, we’ve focused on bringing in artists of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ authors, and many other “unseen” creators. The 21st issue of F(r)iction overflows with perspectives that we don’t see enough in publishing, making them impossible to ignore. 

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