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An Interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick Kelly Sue DeConnick is a comic writer and editor whose credits include Avengers Assemble, Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, Bitch Planet, Wonder Woman Historia: ThThe Amazons and many more. She is an outspoken and ardent advocate for expanded opportunities for women, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other marginalized populations within the comic book industry. Kelly Sue started the…

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Kelly Sue DeConnick, Interviewed by Dani Hedlund

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s work spans stage, comics, film, and television. In the comic world, she is best known for reinventing Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel and for the Black Label standard-setting Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons (DC). Her independent comics Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly (Image Comics) have ranked as New York Times bestsellers and been honored with Eisner and British Fantasy Awards. Kelly Sue’s screenwork includes stints on Captain Marvel and The Marvels, in addition to having consulted on features for Skydance and ARRAY, and developed television for NBCUniversal, Legendary Entertainment, and HBO Max. Kelly Sue is also a founding partner at Good Trouble Productions, where she has helped produce nonfiction and educational comics including the Hidden Voices and Recognized series for NY Public Schools and Congressman John Lewis’s Run, in partnership with Abrams Comics.

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Koby Griggs

Koby Griggs is a freelance illustrator and background artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and has worked in the animation industry as a Senior Background Artist for FX’s television series Archer. Whether it’s illustration or background art, Koby strives to create designs that not only aesthetically succeed, but also intrinsically serve a narrative with creativity, efficiency, and elegance.

First Featured In: No. 21, spring 2024

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