The Shirt

The third time M sees an ad for The Shirt drift by on her feed, she buys it. Everyone’s been wearing it, or at least everyone that matters: the blonde swimsuit model who just got back from Mallorca, the brunette always posing with her pair of teacup dogs, even the redhead perpetually running in kaleidoscopic wildflower…

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Ray Miller

Ray Miller (she/her) is a writer from California currently living in New York City. She is pursuing an MFA from Columbia University, where she is a Felipe de Alba Fellow. Her work has appeared in JMWW, Stanchion Magazine, The Gateway Review, Antipodean, and Moot Point Magazine. She was a finalist in The Gateway Review’s Annual Magical Realism Flash Fiction Contest and her fiction has been nominated for the PEN/Robert J. Dau Short Story Award for Emerging Writers.

Kayla Rader

Kayla Rader is an illustrator and designer originally from Texas, with a passion for storytelling, worldbuilding, and character creation. She is very fond of cowboys, pirates, and vampires (oh my), and loves using intricate linework and bold color in her work. Currently, she is focusing on freelance illustration, selling handmade stickers and prints in her shop, and developing a webcomic. When she’s not drawing, she’s out adventuring with her party in Dungeons & Dragons or playing a narrative-led video game.

First Featured In: No. 21, spring 2024

The Unseen Issue

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