“A Tropical Autumn”

Morning begins with a woodpecker, the first I’ve heard here, tapping a powerline pole as if typing the Great American Novel. I’ve no idea what it’s after. Maybe, drumming is enough. The poles are a concrete able to withstand hurricanes. A cicada shell clinging to the screen is all that’s left of last night’s shrill…

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Stuart Dybeck

Stuart Dybek’s most recent book appeared in 2016: The Start of Something: The Selected Stories of Stuart Dybek (Jonathan Cape/Vintage). He is the author of six books of fiction and two collections of poetry, and is currently the distinguished writer-in-residence at Northwestern University.

Tyler Champion

Tyler Champion is an illustrator and designer working in Nashville, TN. He graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic art in 2010. He has worked on an array of projects including gig posters, concept art for video games, comics, shirt designs, and advertisements.

First Featured In: No. 9, winter 2017

The Obsession Issue

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