If There is Anything We Can Do

Eight pairs of shoes at eye level. Seven brightly colored and small. The eighth black, stylish yet sensible, with a short heel. All attached to feet, attached to bodies, attached to necks, hung by nooses. All moving mere centimeters, stirred, perhaps, by the commotion of those gathered in the schoolyard at the base of the…

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Steph Kilen

Steph Kilen is a freelance writer and editor who teaches writing at Carroll University. Her short stories have appeared in Phoebe Journal and Cream City Review. She has an MFA from Pacific University and makes her life in Milwaukee, WI.

​Enrica Angiolini

​Enrica ‘Eren’ Angiolini was born in Rome in 1988. Raised in a family rich with creativity, she developed a deep love for art—illustration and photography, in particular. She studied foreign languages in high school and college, gaining a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language and Culture. Throughout her entire life, she never put aside her passion for drawing. She worked as an illustrator and cover artist, until she started a career as a comic colorist in 2015. After some brief collaborations with several editors (Dark Horse, Aspen Comics), she is now working on her first full series for Titan Comics.

First Featured In: No. 6, winter 2016

The Adventure Issue

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