Seeing the curled photo of his mother and daughter in the small trash receptacle beside his daughter’s desk caused Tom’s stomach to seize. He bent over and retrieved the picture before sitting gently on Lisa’s bed, careful not to awaken her. The photo had been taken less than a year before his mother’s death. In it,…

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Michael Twist

Michael Twist’s work can be found in Cafe Aphra, Tethered by Letters, Pooled Ink 2015, and Story Shack. Michael has won several fiction contests, including the 2011 William Faulkner Riverfest Literary Competition and the 2011 Quid Novi Festival Writing Contest. Additionally, Michael has been short-listed on Flash 500 numerous times. Michael teaches literature in Portland and lives in Sandy, Oregon with his wife and two daughters.

Carly Lyn Heath

Carly Lyn Heath holds an MFA from Chapman University. She is the founding owner of Charming Films, LLC—a film production, illustration, and design company—and writer/ director of the award-winning feature length film “A Foundling” starring Cindy Chiu and Tim Chiou. She currently works as an art professor and illustrator and has recently completed a novel. Carly currently lives in Chadron, Nebraska.

First Featured In: No. 4, spring 2016

F(r)iction #4

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