That July there were five Becomings. I hated spending my small allowance on crappy gifts, and Mom complained about driving me around town. It was different when she was my age. Back then, she said, a Becoming was a discreet affair, marked in private with close family. I told her not to worry: she would never…

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L. P. Walsh

Lorna Walsh was born and raised in England. After graduating from the University of Sheffield with a degree in English Literature, Lorna worked in the UK’s independent film industry for a decade. She moved to California in 2009, where she began to write fiction in earnest. Her short stories have been placed in competition (Tethered By Letters, Twisted Tales, and Five Stop Story) and read at literary events (produced by Scary Little Girls). Lorna recently completed a novel (that she’s determined to publish somehow) and is working on another.

Elle Levy

Elle Levy is an Illustrator and a designer in Denver, Colorado. She is addicted to work and spends a lot of time sleeping and eating just like you. You can find her work in places of digital ocular procurement. She thinks she is funny. She’s not. You should tell her.

First Featured In: No. 4, spring 2016

F(r)iction #4

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