Pride Month F(r)iction  Roundup

In honor of Pride month, check out this awesome roundup of some of the best LGBTQ+-centric stories F(r)iction has published so far.

Three Poems by Torrin A. Greathouse (F(r)iction #12)

Two aching poems about what it’s like to live in a body you don’t connect with, plus one about the pain of family. Sink into this suite to feel deeply and appreciate Greathouse’s beautiful rhythm.

“Ave Ernesto!” by Sam Simas (F(r)iction #12)

Ernesto thinks back on his childhood, learning what it meant to be a man as he began to explore his own identity. Enjoy the rich, full characters in this coming-of-age reflection.

“Spectrum of Voices”: A Feature with Lambda Literary (F(r)iction #9)

Step into the worlds of five amazing writers. This euphony of strong, bold voices is literally and figuratively poetry.

“To Get to Sleep” by Benjamin Kinney (F(r)iction #9)

Our narrator reflects, as we all do, on what could have been in this quietly thoughtful creative nonfiction. Kinney paints a picture of the kind of life we all want but so few actually attain.

Artwork for “Three Poems by Torrin A. Greathouse,” from F(r)iction #12

“Goth Western” by Livali Wyle (F(r)iction #8)

In this graphic short story, Jack makes a deal with a forgotten god to save their beloved Evie…but a price must be paid. Sharp, expressive art puts a new perspective on familiar wild west tropes.

“Hollow” by Lilly Higgs (F(r)iction #7)

Shepherdess Ylva journeys into the forest to find a lost lamb and instead discovers a huldra maiden, a lost child of Eve. Light and humorous at times, with a fairytale spirit, this graphic short story will definitely make you smile. 

“Becoming” by L.P. Walsh (F(r)iction #4)

Young Enem remains a Neubie, without an assigned sex, and witnesses their childhood friend Ayzee struggle with their assignment as a girl. In this short story, L.P. Walsh explores gender identity in an unprecedented way.

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