The Identity Issue

No. 15, spring 2020

Our spring issue puts identity—belief, belonging, being—under pressure. Some of its tales bellow, from the fashioning of turbulent planets to a plunging sinkhole in the heart of an animal town. Many of them whisper, their moments of resolve or transformation powerfully quiet: a tucked blanket, a hunger-rubbed belly, a car spotted briefly in the break between houses. It’s a sneaky geode of strange literature, asking only that the stories within crack open and hold their glittering halves to the light.

Lineage is no less real when untranslatable, as seen in this issue’s luminous comic “The Ghosts We Are and the Ghosts We Will Become” by Kiku Hughes. Identity transforms, traverses, and transports in the mesmerizing poetry of Kay Ulanday Barrett, Kelli Russell Agodon, and our gorgeous Community Feature with Lambda Literary. You won’t want to miss our interview with Kate Weinberg and the excerpt of her seductive, college coming-of-age thriller The Truants, nor our Pioneering Writer Feature starring the words, thoughts, and marginalia of award-winning speculative fiction author Charlie Jane Anders.

Moving and metamorphic, F(r)iction #15 reveals both the paths to our homecoming and to remaining lost.

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