Untitled Poem

First a speckled white and brown foal
was born out the side of the snowmelt
with an old autumn knife tucked into its coat

Next Samantha had a dream
in which a person not exactly me inhabited
my body and wrapped the newborn lamb in a blanket

And though the foal grew as the last of the packed
snow-blanket receded and the secret life disguised
as death churned inside the apple trees

In the end my love vanished into the millions of tiny openings
become of spring and left the difference
exact and mathematical when the dream is subtracted from life

Peter Kirn

Peter Kirn is a farmer by trade. He currently lives and works in Massachusetts. His first collection of poems is available from Get Fresh Books.

Danny Neece

Danny Neece is an illustrator living and working in Oakland, CA. Most of Danny’s inspiration is a manifestation of observation, listening, and breathing. If he was asked to explain where his inspiration comes from, his response would be “The Ocean”. Danny does like to paint the ocean, and the many creatures that occupy it. He really is just trying to be in tune as much as possible to nature. The modern world can move too fast for him. You can also find Danny teaching drawing and painting courses at the Berkeley Art Studio. Learn more at www.dannyneece.com and on Instagram @dannyjackneece.

First Featured In: No. 15, spring 2020

The Identity Issue

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