The Art of Planet Building

You are assigned your Purpose before leaving the Mother Womb. Void of conscious thought and concept of self, your entire life is planned out on your behalf. A Technician does what they are designated to do: scans your essence and your flesh, feeds the results into the Cosmic Mind. An on-duty Designator does what they…

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sydney khoo

sydney khoo is a non-binary and queer writer, born in Australia, to Malaysian-Chinese parents. Though typically located crying in Starbucks or tweeting in McDonald’s, they can occasionally be found writing nonsense stories in various dog parks. Follow them on twitter @sydneykhoo.

Alyssa Menold

Alyssa Menold is an illustrator currently working out of Ann Arbor, MI. She was inspired to pursue illustration as a child, when she’d spend hours browsing books, not just for their content, but for their beautiful covers. That childhood love of magical dragons and spaceships never faded, and today most of her work is in the sci-fi and fantasy genre. She received her bachelor’s in illustration from Kendall College of Art and Design, and her master’s from Hartford Art School. Check out her work at

First Featured In: No. 15, spring 2020

The Identity Issue

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