The Taboo Issue

No. 12, winter 2018

Warning: this issue is anathema. These pages may disturb and disrupt. The stories squirm and grip and tangle. Families, parenthood, romance, bodies—the pieces within tackle these topics with the messiness of, well, reality. This isn’t for glorification—in fact, we’re hoping you’ll bring your most critical eye and your gut instinct. We’re offering you this Pandora’s Box not to worship its demons but to find what makes us human hidden in its corners. F(r)iction #12 is a sucked-in breath. Don’t forget to exhale.

In our most controversial issue yet, you’ll find a Pioneering Writer Feature on Phillip Lopate, self-skeptical champion of the personal essay, and a Debut Author Feature on Daisy Johnson and Everything Under, her surreal, genderbent retelling of Oedipus Rex. With poetry by Devin Kelly, Spring 2018 Poetry Contest winner Torrin A. Greathouse, and members of the Pen America Prison Writing Program, The Taboo Issue is not one you want to turn away from.

So, dear reader, consume F(r)iction #12 under the cover of night if you must, hand it off with a covert, backwards glance. But don’t shy away from the friction—there’s meaning to be had even in the complicated dark.

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