View from the Surface: Author Feature with Hart Hanson

When most of us think of crime novels, we imagine mass-market paperbacks with glossy explosions on the front, silhouettes running, gun-in-hand. We envision beach reads, devoured in one or two sittings and then easily forgotten, blending in with every other hero-fights-evil narrative.These stories are certainly fun, but they often don’t resonate. They don’t speak to…

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Hart Hanson

Hart Hanson wrote for Canadian television before moving to Los Angeles, where he worked on various TV programs before creating the series Bones, the longest-running scripted hour-long series on the FOX network. Married with two sons, Hart lives with his wife, Brigitte, in Venice, California. The Driver is his first novel.

Review by Dani Hedlund.

Arthur Asa

Arthur Asa was born in Monterrey, Mexico. He studied graphic design and industrial design but decided to leave everything behind and become a construction worker. During this time he discovered all he ever wanted to do was draw and tell stories. He is now an illustrator by afternoon and a comic artist by night—sometimes both by night. He has a comic called Where the Heart Is that you can find online.

First Featured In: No. 8, summer 2017

The Resurrection Issue

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