United We Can

La Lima, Cortés, Honduras // 1954 Based on the flooding of ’54 and protests against the United Fruit Co. that took place in northern Honduras. They agree, unspokenly, to not worry until the water has reached the second wooden step. Tuesday at noon, it isn’t quite there yet, but when the wind picks up and…

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Bessie Flores Zaldívar

Bessie Flores Zaldívar is a queer writer and poet from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. She is an MFA candidate in Fiction at Virginia Tech and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Academy of American Poets, PANK, F(r)iction, The Acentos Review, Salt Hill, Palette Poetry, and elsewhere. Bessie has received nominations for Best New Poets and Best of the Net. Bessie is a Tin House YA 2021 scholar and the assistant nonfiction editor at Break Bread Literary. To learn more visit bessiefzaldivar.org.

Ejiwa Ebenebe

Ejiwa Ebenebe (called Edge by most) is a Nigerian-Canadian artist. Although she currently lives in Canada, she grew up in several places across the globe, which has given her a variety of experiences that deeply influence her approach to her creative work. Themes such as mystery and ornate opulence are an ongoing fascination (no doubt thanks to a steady diet of fairytales, mysteries, and horror stories in her childhood). She is also focused on adding to the representation of black LGBTQ+ women in the art world. To see more of her work, visit www.ArtOfEdge.com.

First Featured In: No. 18, spring 2021

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