Three Poems

Alphabet Street

after / when—she / he 

dies, after a few hours of
hearing her / his  

name on the radio, my 

daughter will ask, why 
was she / he so important, 

why is anyone so 

important? I  
play her a song—we’re.

go. in. down down

listens, nods, begins to
sway. He  

made us happy, I say, 
people are not 

replaceable, I say, no 
one, nothing—if that’s 

the only way—is 

Rock 'n' Roll Suicide

glitter pencil. My daughter draws

seven tulips along the bottom of a
page & above them a mist of

pollen & as the pollen rises each

speck turns into a star, then
a couple saturns appear & in

the center, floating over it all, an
astronaut—an airtube

connects her to her spaceship
& other tubes radiate out from her

helmet. Each
tube ties her to some sort of pod, each

of which, she explains, contains one of
everything she might need

to survive—she can

pull the banana one in if she’s
hungry, another holds her

stuffed monkey, her friend Evelyn
lives in another. The radio is

on, Bowie has just died—
you’re not alone, he promises,

softly, O no love, all day, you’re not

Kurt Cobain Wallpaper

In a Seattle hotel
Kurt Cobain is the wallpaper

I think
I know what Kurt would think of this

but of course I can’t
the sidewalk below

full of hymns
not ghosts

his face still
hidden by his hair

Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn has worked as a ship’s captain, an electrician, and as a case-worker with homeless adults. These poems are from his latest book, I Will Destroy You. His work has been translated into fifteen languages.

Arthur Asa

Arthur Asa was born in Monterrey City, México. He speaks less and draws more every day. As it should be.

First Featured In: No. 13, spring 2019

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