The Women

I could try to bring you back. Your ghost I mean. Like the boy who conjured his father’s ghost in that scary little book Dad used to read us. Since you’re dead, and your memory’s all fucked up, you probably can’t picture it. Dad only pulled it out at night by the campfire. I’m pretty...
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Margaret Jameson

Margaret Jameson lives and writes in NYC. Under non-pandemic, “normal” conditions, you’ll find her on the 4 train flipping through 3x5 cards on her way to Russian class at Hunter College/CUNY, or bicycling along the Brooklyn waterfront Margaret-Hamilton-style on a vintage single-speed. In addition to fiction, Margaret also conjures narratives through music, sound art, and film. In 2017, she attended the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Workshop and was awarded the Wollheim Memorial Scholarship by the New York Science Fiction Society. “The Women” is her second story to appear in F(r)iction. Find out more at and Instagram @margaretjameson.

Samantha Dow

Samantha Dow is an artist, writer, and sailor of historic wooden schooners. Her work includes Elsewhere University, a collaborative storytelling project; Cornerwitches, a collection of short-form fantasy comics; and the ongoing webcomic GRANTED. For more art, writing, and advice for running off to sea, she can be found on Tumblr @charminglyantiquated.

First Featured In: No. 18, spring 2021

The Legacy Issue

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