On Monday, Jeff brings a water-filled vase into the office. A white lily sprouts from the top and an indigo betta circles serenely within. As he sets the vase on his desk, he explains to anyone who will listen that the betta eats the roots and the lily absorbs the “crap” from the water. It…

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Alexandra O'Neil

Alexandra O’Neil recently began her MFA in Creative Writing and currently lives in Florida with her rosy boa, betta fish, and two cats. Methods for procrastinating on her writing include: shooting her bow, fletching arrows, collecting shark’s teeth and sea glass from the beach, aquascaping, and trying to keep up with her coworkers at the gym. Her work has appeared in The Molotov Cocktail, Soft Cartel, and The Wild Hunt. You can find her on her website at and on Twitter as @alex_o_writes.

Daniel Reneau

Daniel is a Denver-based illustrator skilled in digital and traditional mediums, and who specializes in horror, fantasy, science-fiction, and comic-book illustration. He is the co-creator of the graphic novel Zombiraq, a winner of the 2013 L. Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the Future Award, and a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Learn more at

First Featured In: No. 13, spring 2019

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