Mom always told me the floor was held up by a broom handle. If I stomped or my feet landed hard, she’d say don’t jump there, stop that, no! And if I moved too fast along the wooden floor in the hallway, she’d say things like young ladies don’t run inside the house.One day, she...
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Valerie San Filippo

Valerie San Filippo lives in New York. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Stony Brook Southampton. She is a graduate of the Odyssey Writing Workshop, and a recipient of George R.R. Martin’s Miskatonic Scholarship. Her work has appeared in Noble / Gas Qtrly, Typehouse Magazine, TSROnline, and others. You can find her online at

Bradley Clayton

Bradley Clayton is an illustrator living in Brooklyn. He lives with his cat and makes comics. He most enjoys drawing spooky things and women in mid-century fashions. Things he will make time in his day to talk about: Glenn Close’s Cruella made some valid points, Sabrina Spellman is one of the most interesting onscreen antagonists in years, and conspiracy theories. The weirder the better.

First Featured In: No. 18, spring 2021

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