Blanked from History

In the battle for historical recognition, there is a huge divide between legacy and renown. Alexander the Great, a thirteen-year-world-conquering wonder, for example, left little lasting impact; most of the land he conquered was lost mere decades after his death. Yet still, he’s remembered as one of the most illustrious household names, while other innovators,…

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Gerald (Gerry) Malone

Gerald (Gerry) Malone is a former British politician. He served in the governments of Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major, latterly as Minister of State for Health. He crashed out of parliament in 1997, losing his Winchester seat by two votes. Post politics, he is a non-executive Chair of US mutual funds, director of early-stage health-care companies, and opera critic for ReactionLife, a UK current affairs and arts publication. Lawyer, politician, businessman, journalist, critic, Gerry takes ironic pride in having spent his life in careers that are most actively disliked by decent people!

Bradley Clayton

Bradley Clayton is an illustrator living in Brooklyn. He lives with his cat and makes comics. He most enjoys drawing spooky things and women in mid-century fashions. Things he will make time in his day to talk about: Glenn Close’s Cruella made some valid points, Sabrina Spellman is one of the most interesting onscreen antagonists in years, and conspiracy theories. The weirder the better.

First Featured In: No. 18, spring 2021

The Legacy Issue

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